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General Information

SALCE is short for Substance Abuse and Life Circumstance Evaluation. The judicial system in Harris County and many judges in Houston, Texas predominantly court order that persons convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) must take the evaluation before having their driver's licenses restored.

The evaluation consists of 98 "yes" or "no" questions that are aimed at assessing the level of alcohol and drug related symptoms in your life. The SALCE evaluation is written and requires that you mark your answers to each question. The SALCE evaluations are scored by computer, and the computers results are interpreted by Michael Ganchan, as part of his comprehensive evaluation.

Part of the session conducted by Mr. Ganchan is directed at assessing the accuracy of the computer's score of your Substance Abuse and Life Circumstance Evaluation. The computer system generates a correspondence that you can take to your legal counsel.

SALCE Evaluation Appointments and Procedures

SALCE Evaluations are conducted by appointment only within 5 business days of making the appointment. All evaluations must be conducted and allowed up to 2 business days for processing before your court date. If Mr. Ganchan is unavailable to service your request because of prior made appointments, he might, at his discretion, offer "after hours" appointments for an added charge of $50.

Suggestions for Taking the SALCE Evaluation

 Bring a photo ID.

  1. Be prepared to spend approximately 45 minutes completing the paperwork.
  2. Bring the name and contact information of your legal counsel or other attorney so that Mr. Ganchan can contact them with results.

SALCE Evaluations are conducted for $175. There are no refunds.Thank you for taking the time to prepare yourself for the SALCE Evaluation and Interview with Michael Ganchan. We look forward to serving your needs.

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